Neil Diamond's RRT 2017

Find here all about Nick Bennett as NDRRT member for 
Neil Diamond's 50th Anniversary 2017 tour.

Update 22/12/2016 : Nick Bennett in the Neil Diamond band 2017 :
Nick Bennett will be on Neil’s 50th Anniversary Tour beginning in April. You can find the tourdates here.

Update 01/02/2018, words from Nick about Neil Diamond :

Update 21/10/2017 : Bennett's memory box :
Bennett's memory box for Neil Diamond's world tour 2017 .
Music from :
Richard Bennett , Code Red Cloud Nine
Pangs (Nashville band) , Rubicon

When friend worlds collide! Kicking it w @aekaaal , Stuart + @badteeth in swinging London :

Picture from Marijke Hogenstijn :

With John McCusker in Glasgow :

Picture from Tom Hensley , Antwerp :

In Zurich with King :

The Forum L.A. backstage :

Nick and Richard with Richard's brother ,Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz, drummer best known for working with the singer-songwriter "Weird Al" Yankovic.

Update 10/08/2017 : Here are some pictures from Richard and Nick Bennett on tour for Neil Diamond's 50th anniversary tour, U.S. leg 2017, music: snippets from Richard Bennett's Valley Of The Sun , turn on the volume to listen ! :

Phoenix pictures from azcentral :

Picture from Tom Hensley , dinner in Phoenix :

From Nick in Seattle :
Finally met Mr. Randy Fung here in Seattle. Randy is a wonderful artist and designer of concert posters (My Morning Jacket , Doves, SASQUATCH! Music Festival etc) advertisements and more. He also designed the album sleeve and record labels for my first album in 2010, the Zut Alors' BOYGIRLPARTY. Really lovely and talented chap! Find his work here: here .

Picture from Tina Hagerling for The Know , Denver :

Picture from Matt Smith :

Update 04/06/2017 : Pictures from Kristen Belic:

Neil Diamond - Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon , around minute two there are a few seconds with the Bennett boys doing what they do best :

Update 02/06/2017 : More pictures
Picture from Keith Lawrence

Update 30/05/2017 : More pictures
Neil takes Nick and Richard out to the ball game! Cleveland beats Oakland 5 - 3. 📷: Neil Diamond bottom of the 4th homer by Carlos Santana

Update 02/05/2017 : More pictures
Picture from Mark LeVang :

Update 24/04/2017 : More pictures
Message from Nick Bennett :
My guitar teachers. Gene Ford (center) is a wonderful guitarist who played in the Nashville Mandolin Ensemble and taught budding guitarists at Bellevue Music, the shop where I eventually had my first job. Lovely guy and loved catching up over mojitos and ropa vieja in Tampa.

Update 20/04/2017 : Pictures from Theron Denson:

Richard Bennett, Nick Bennett, Jeremy Bennett, Theron Denson and King Errisson

Update 15/04/2017 : Picture from Atiim Jones:

Update 14/04/2017 : Playing for Neil Diamond:

Update 14/04/2017 : Just a beer:

Update 13/04/2017 : The Dad and The Lad:

Update 10/04/2017 : Nick backstage with The Waters Sisters :

Update 03/04/2017 : A few words from Hadley Hockensmith :

Update 28/03/2017 : First day of rehearsals on the sound stage for Neil Diamond's world tour 2017 :

Update 16/03/2017 : Nick Bennett in rehearsal for Neil Diamond:

Nick with Hal Blaine and Richard Bennett :

Update 13/02/2017 : Start rehearsals in Los Angeles:
Mark LeVang announced the rehearsals start on his NDRRT Facebook page.

Update 21/12/2016 : Richard's announcement that he and Nick will be on Neil Diamond's world tour 2017:

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